To get your podcast into the ears of listeners, DAX is an end-to-end solution for hosting, distribution, ad insertion and monetisation.

With a reach of over 129 million people worldwide, DAX is the world’s largest digital audio platform. By partnering with DAX, podcast publishers can tap into significant benefits.

Dedicated Account Management

DAX offers either a full solution – including production, hosting, distribution, ad insertion and monetisation – or can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your podcast.

Continuous Monetisation

Instead of relying on a single advertiser, dynamic ad insertion allows your evergreen content to be monetised again and again over time.

Expert Sales

To get your inventory in front of premium advertisers, the DAX team of more than 75 sales professionals maintains relationships across all of the major and independent agencies, as well as direct relationships with brands.

Premium Formats

Run spot ads of 10 to 40 seconds before, during and after your podcast content. You can even offer bespoke ads to be presented by the podcast host.

Revenue From Day One

Regardless how big or small your podcast is, DAX connects you to advertisers who value content like yours.